FAQ about industry
FAQ about industry

FAQ about industry

What's your advantage? Why we choose you?

(1)We are a factory,a professional manufacturer of a wide range of medical & hygienic disposable products.(2) We have an outstanding team in research & development, are capable of assisting our global clients with the development of new products.(3) With 13 years exporting experience, our people will always provide cost effective service,prompt response to inquiries, reasonable price to meet all customers demands.(4)We are a Trade Assurance supplier in Alibaba, If we do not meet the requirements in your contract, Alibaba.com will refund your covered amount.

The correct way to use a towel

Do not take part in several positions: special person, special towel, ready for a variety of towelsAfter use, wash in time: Every 3 months should be eliminated once the towel, towel used each time, should be promptly cleaned, it is recommended to disinfect once a week, in the dry and ventilated place to dry naturally or hot air drying, washing, deep, light-colored towels Separate, do not wash with clothes.Frequently sterilized: the microwave oven sterilizes, the colony elimination rate reaches more than 98%, the neutral detergent is disinfected, and the towel can maintain softness and high temperature sterilization.

What are the advantages of a good towel?

1. Is it comfortable to feel it?2, suction does not absorb water?3, can not afford to lose hair?

What are the printing processing methods?

1. Direct printing.2. Discharge.3. Resistant to dyeing.

What are the correct advantages of using towels?

1. relieve eye fatigue.2. To prevent deafness.3. Improve dizziness.4. Governance stiff neck.5. Prevention of cervical spondylosis.6. Relieve chronic lumbar pain.7. Bruises.8. Induration caused by injections.9. relieve hip pain.10. Treatment of dysmenorrhea or cold abdominal pain

The digital printing factory must have the ability

1. Pattern design and modification capabilities2. Continuous and stable production delivery3. The ability to quickly digest and attract new technologies

What are the printing processes of pure cotton?

Digital printing, reactive printing, offset printing (paste printing), watermark printing (water paste printing).

Do three kinds of towel misuse?

1.Towel hanging in the bathroom2. Towels like wet3. Towels are not bad

What are the color patterns of digital prints?

1.RGB color mode2. CMYK color mode3.HSB color mode4.L*a*b* color mode5.Indexcd Color mode6.Bitmap color mode7. Grayscale color mode

Direct digital printing advantage?

High processing speed, low processing cost, good proofing effect of processing, high customer acceptance rate, and wide application range of direct-injection digital printing processing

Digital printing commonly used color method?

Screen display method, color chart method, color tone method

Is the towel wet or dry?

Wet towels are more rotten than dry towels and are more likely to infect bacteria. So towels are best for dry use. Wash your face with clean water and wipe it off with a dry towel.

What are the advantages of bamboo fiber towels?

Moisture absorption and ventilation: Hygroscopicity, moisture release, and air permeability rank the top among all major textile fibers. Industry experts describe it as "breathing" fiber, also known as the "fiber queen."Anti-bacterial anti-mite: bamboo has a unique material inside - "bamboo vine", with a natural antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant, pest control function.Clean and bright: Bamboo fiber has been thoroughly degreased, de-sugared, and deproteinized, so bamboo fiber towels will not appear discolored, hardened, and hardened no matter how long they are used. They are always soft, fresh, and bright.Soft and skin-friendly: It is particularly suitable for children and women's delicate skin, and is a healthy “guard” for the whole family.

More than one person When a family member uses a single towel, cross-infection can easily occur beca

More than one personWhen a family member uses a single towel, cross-infection can easily occur because everyone does not have the same health status and living habits.More than one towelAlthough some families have special towels, some people wash their faces, wash their hair, bathe, wash their feet, wipe their sweat, and wipe their hands.Not broken, repeated useAfter the expiration date, the towels will become hard and dirty and become a new source of pollution.Not paying attention to the hygiene of towelsMany consumers do not wash their clothes, do not cook hard, do not work hard. And long-term wet towels hanging in the non-ventilated bathroom, but do not know bacteria and viruses in the wet towel for a long time to live, and the rapid reproduction of a geometric number.