What are the advantages of bamboo fiber towels?

What are the advantages of bamboo fiber towels?

Moisture absorption and ventilation: Hygroscopicity, moisture release, and air permeability rank the top among all major textile fibers. Industry experts describe it as "breathing" fiber, also known as the "fiber queen."

Anti-bacterial anti-mite: bamboo has a unique material inside - "bamboo vine", with a natural antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant, pest control function.

Clean and bright: Bamboo fiber has been thoroughly degreased, de-sugared, and deproteinized, so bamboo fiber towels will not appear discolored, hardened, and hardened no matter how long they are used. They are always soft, fresh, and bright.

Soft and skin-friendly: It is particularly suitable for children and women's delicate skin, and is a healthy “guard” for the whole family.