Printing color note

publisher: Mr.Busy
Time: 2018-08-02
Summary: 1、数码印花标准品与样品的大小是否一致 2、温度和湿度的控制是否一致 3、织物样式和结构是否一致 4、颜色和恒定性是否一致 5、视角、观察者和照明条件等色现象是否一致 6、计算机测色配色是否正常。

The current digital printing technology is developing very rapidly, and digital printing products are also receiving great attention in the printing industry. The color of the digital printing makes the weight of the whole pattern the most important, and whether the color is bright or not affects the effect of the pattern.

So which aspects should we evaluate the color of the print?

1. Is the size of the digital printing standard and the sample consistent?

2. Is the temperature and humidity control consistent?

3. Is the fabric style and structure consistent?

4, color and consistency are consistent

5. Is the color angle of the viewing angle, observer and lighting conditions consistent?

6. Is the computer color measurement color normal?

In these conditions, every point needs to be well controlled. In terms of equipment, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, because the system will naturally be biased after being used for a long time. Without regular maintenance, the equipment will not be in an optimal working condition.

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