Environmental protection, digital printing is worth looking forward to U

Time: 2018-07-01
Summary: Digital printing is optimistic about the development prospects worldwide
  This year, the printing industry was directly pushed to the forefront of environmental protection, and green development has become a problem that many companies should pay attention to.
  Some people say that the state strictly inspects pollution, and that the digital printing industry is not going to be hit hard. On the contrary, digital printing will be greatly developed in the printing industry. Digital printing has always respected the concept of green and pollution-free production. This sound field process is green and non-polluting.
  Digital printing is optimistic about the development prospects worldwide
  The digital printing forecast released by the American Winning Company as of 2019 indicates that the global textile printing market with approximately $7.5 billion will grow by more than 30% annually.
  Although the digital printing industry has just finished the development of gold for five years, it will continue to maintain strong growth momentum in the next few years. According to statistics, in 2016, the digital printing industry produced a total of 870 million square meters of fabrics worth 1.29 billion US dollars! In the next five years, the digital printing industry will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 17.5%. By 2021, digital printing consumption will be nearly 1.95 billion square meters, and the market value will reach 2.66 billion US dollars.
  Digital printing started late in China, and its output is relatively small. With the demand being enlarged, there is a huge space for development.
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  So we choose to rest assured.
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