The integration of digital printing with technology and fashion has a great effect

publisher: Mr.busy
Time: 2018-06-03
Summary: Creativity is a must for the printing industry, and a non-creative printing company is not competitive.
  Last year, at the global textile conference, the theme of "technology + fashion, industry + market" was proposed.
  Creativity is a must for the printing industry, and a non-creative printing company is not competitive.
  The current development environment and situation of the textile industry are undergoing profound changes. The rapid development of new technologies such as the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence has provided technical support for the textile industry’s production methods, industrial formats, and business model innovations, bringing consumption habits and consumer demand. The change. Textile digital printing is a new printing and dyeing technology integrating green manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing. It adapts to the needs of consumer fashion, timeliness, and personalization.
  At this stage, the main contradictions in our country’s society have been transformed into the ever-growing needs of the people for a better life and the imbalances. With the ever-increasing demand for high-quality, personalized, and flexible textiles, the progress of digital printing technology is increasingly meeting people’s dual needs for color and functionality, and has become a new bright spot and growth point for the textile industry, and to a certain extent Promote the transformation of China's textile industry to innovative, eco-friendly and low-carbon economic models.
  The emergence of digital printing timely adapted to the needs of society, of course, also promoted the neck and development of the printing industry.
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