2018 Fifth China (Turkey) Trade Fair opened today See digital printing in 9B101

publisher: Mr.Busy
Time: 2018-05-31
Summary: 【Time】: 2018.5.31-6.2 【Location】: Istanbul World Trade Center 【Booth No.】: 9B101

【Time】: 2018.5.31-6.2

【Location】: Istanbul World Trade Center

【Booth No.】: 9B101

【Introduction】: CHINA (TURKEY) TRADE FAIR The 2018 China (Turkish) Trade Fair is the preferred brand for exhibitions held outside of China. It aims to serve Chinese national enterprises in the development of international potential markets. The exhibition focused on expanding the global hot emerging markets, responding to the call of the national government and promoting the construction of the “One Belt and One Road”.

As a 12-year overseas self-exhibition exhibition brand, the service system is mature, the market foundation is solid, and the regional influence is huge. In 2018, the show will further promote Match-Making on-site trade matching, VIP Super Buyer Program, DME Buyer Service, and exhibitors overseas marketing support throughout the year.


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