Nantong - China's Outstanding Home Textile City

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Time: 2018-05-06
Summary: The principle of digital glass printing is similar to that of paper printing. The pattern is sent to the printer first, followed by printing on the glass. However, the printed pattern needs a long time to dry.
  As a famous home textile city in China, Nantong has always been a place where many domestic and foreign customers choose. The reason why we can do this, we must say that the four major advantages of Nantong.
  Geographical advantage
  Nantong's total textile sales exceeded 60 billion last year, making it the country's largest home textile production, sales, and export base with the highest market share. There are more than 1,500 companies engaged in the production of home textiles and associated with them, employing more than 145,000 people, including more than 300 large-scale enterprises.
  Supporting advantages
  Thousands of industrial and commercial enterprises are supported by market-oriented, industry-centered and supporting services, and tens of thousands of households are industrial and commercial households, forming a unique company that adds farmers and products into the huge production and operation groups of 10,000 families; Supporting spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, finished product manufacturing, finishing, packaging, research and development and other relatively complete production division and collaboration system. The progress of science and technology has become an inexhaustible motive force for the development of the home textile industry.
  Market Advantage
  After years of cultivation and improvement, Nantong home textile market has become the most important distribution center for home textiles and price information center. The current market covers an area of ​​more than 2 million square meters, distributes 20,000 color varieties, exports more than 100 countries and regions, and sales account for 40% of the country's total market share.
  Technical advantages.
  Japan invested heavily in building these factories in these areas decades ago, so they also brought high technology and high standards, and also drove relevant industry chains.
  At present, the industrial structure of Nantong's home textile industry is accelerating its shift from a major modern company to a major company. Resources, talents, and market share continue to be concentrated in leading enterprises. A group of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises have set up production and sales bases or offices in Nantong; they have played an active role in promoting the development of Nantong's home textile industry.
  Nantong, home textile treasure.
  The reason why many companies are involved in the digital printing industry
  With the rapid development of modernization and science and technology, digital technology has spread all over the country, spreading to the whole country and even spreading to the whole world. Clothing digital printing machines are just like this, and the printing market will be getting bigger and bigger. From facing the whole country to facing the world, digital printing is continuously entering the big vision of the global textile industry with lightning speed. At present, many companies have changed the traditional printing machine equipment, using the latest and best digital printing equipment, they have tasted a lot of sweetness in the printing industry, and most of the printing manufacturers and other industries are also positive Eager to try to get a slice of the digital printing market when it's immature.
  In the traditional printing machine, the screen cannot have the characteristic of gradient color in essence, and the transfer feeling is not good enough. As a result, many customers have started to abandon the traditional printing process. At the current level of our country, we only have a large printing machine. Can get through the way of imports, and foreign large-scale printing machine at least hundreds of thousands of units, and some have more than one million! From the perspective of both the process and price, we have to abandon the traditional printing technology, and in this outlet, the emergence of digital printing machines just filled the pit, making more and more printing manufacturers abandon the traditional printing. Choose a fast and good digital printing machine.
  Although there are many advantages of digital printing, but there are still deficiencies, in the application of digital direct-injection printing machine on the white ink, the digital printing process to print dark clothes need white ink to do the bottom, while the world can produce white ink The number of producers is very low and the cost of purchase is high. We cannot use the current level of technology in our country to make our own white ink. Therefore, white ink cannot be perfected and popularized throughout the country. However, we must firmly believe in the power of the Chinese people. We believe that we can make our own ink in a short period of time.
  In summary, we can conclude why many companies have not really done the digital printing industry yet. The main factor is how well the promotion of the digital printing market is, how the future of digital printing will develop, and when will the problems of white ink be? Can solve! As long as these three problems are solved, this is a revolution in the printing industry.
  The world's largest printing machine
  The printing machine is nothing new. The glass printing machine produced by a recent company directly created the world's largest printing machine with a printing area of ​​60 square meters. The total length of this glass printing machine exceeds 18.3 meters and can be an area of ​​up to The 60-square-meter giant glass plate printed a digital pattern, which also won the Guinness World Record, the world's largest digital printing machine.
  The principle of digital glass printing is similar to that of paper printing. The pattern is sent to the printer first, followed by printing on the glass. However, the printed pattern needs a long time to dry.
  It is understood that there are currently only two such digital printing machines in the world, which were purchased by German and Chinese companies.
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