Disney FAMA, We Are Coming!

Time: 2017-09-13
The SEDEX audit staff accompanied by Busy Man factory manager carried out the last link of audit work On September 6th, 2017. After the 3 days of repeated inspection and final evaluation, Busy Man achieved SEDEX audit successfully.                                                                           

SEDEX audit staff inspected our actual working situation and checked factory operation, staff manuals, working time records, plant construction safety permits, staff health report and other related information in strict accordance with the SEDEX audit standards. 
SEDEX is a nonprofit organization based in London, UK. Companies all over the world can apply for the membership. It has been favored by many large retailers and manufacturers. Organizations such as retailers, supermarkets, brands and suppliers also require their partners to become SEDEX members. Companies with Sedex certification are recognized and shared by Sedex mEmbers, including Disney. We believe that we will get Disney FAMA successfully in the near future! 
In addition, Busy Man will continue to serve all customers with better service and quality, we hope Busy Man fancy 4K digital printing towels will bring people colorful life.

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