Make prints more expressive

Make prints more expressive


Point, line, surface

In the digital printing industry, because of the fierce competition, various businesses will also try their best to improve the quality of their products to increase their competitiveness.

How can we make the printed pattern more expressive?

1. Point performance

The point itself has an active, beating characteristic, which can be individually shaped in the printed pattern or in an auxiliary form. The size, density, and weight of the dots can effectively express the texture of the pattern. As long as the treatment is good, the expression of the pattern can be increased.

2. Line performance

The line is an important modeling element in the design of the printing pattern, and it is also an effective expression form for shaping the image. The lines displayed by different tools have different personalities, and the lines have curves, lengths, smoothness, and roughness.

3. Face performance

The surface is one of the basic styling techniques in the printing pattern, which can be divided into three categories: flat coating surface, virtual solid surface and decorative surface.

4. Combination of points, lines and faces

Most of the printed patterns are the comprehensive expression of points, lines and faces. In the combined configuration, one or two of the elements are generally dominant, and the rest are supplemented.

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