Choose the reason why we are Busyman in Jiangsu

Choose the reason why we are Busyman in Jiangsu


inspirational to do cotton digital printing leader

Fast (quickly occupying the market and increasing market share)

1.3 days sample

2. Two digital printing machines with a production capacity of up to 500m/h, and even larger ones can be shipped before delivery.

Stable quality (inspirational to do cotton digital printing leader)

1. The most advanced printing equipment, all imported nozzles and inks, fundamentally guarantee color, high color fastness, green and environmental protection, in line with international standards.

2. The advanced color management system eliminates the factors of color instability in digital printing and greatly reduces the defective rate of products.

3. Professional technical team to protect the quality of the product.

Good service (making customer satisfaction is our goal)

1. Dedicated customer service team, the first time to solve problems for customers, to provide you with a full range of intimate professional services.

2. The professional design team has been seeking its own breakthrough.

3. Regularly visit old customers to solve the worries of customers.

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