Preprocessing problems in digital printing

Preprocessing problems in digital printing


The problem of improving the quality of digital printing is mainly reflected in several issues such as digital print pattern definition, color fastness, fineness, vividness, reproducibility, and color accuracy, and it is also an urgent problem for digital printing.

Digital printing is terrible, but an excellent craft is required at every step. For example, the pretreatment of digital printing is very important. However, there are problems with preprocessing.

Preprocessing problems in digital printing

The general problem is mainly manifested in three aspects.

1. Digital printing pretreatment equipment

Although there are many treatment solutions, most manufacturers still use the method of adding the pretreatment agent by means of printing machine and pad rolling. The rotary screen printing machine has a faster processing speed and higher uniformity, which is more suitable for the printing processing of large-scale fabrics. Flat-screen squeegee addition processing agent can be used to sizing, but the speed is slower. In the pretreatment of the fabric by the padding and padding of the pad mill, the sizing of the fabric is high and the energy consumption during the drying process is large.

2. Pretreatment additives

The problem of additives, basically the majority of fabrics to digital printing processing must be pre-treated fabrics, so that the fabric fully meet the requirements of the printing and post-processing.

3. Improve digital printing quality through preprocessing

Finally, improving digital printing quality issues is mainly reflected in digital printing pattern definition, color fastness, fineness, vividness, and reproducibility and color accuracy. It is also an urgent issue for digital printing.

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