what do you know about towel? Introduction of towels

what do you know about towel? Introduction of towels


Towels serve as an intimate contact with us daily. However, as an essential daily necessities for every family, we have not received our attention. In fact, choosing a pair of towels can improve the quality of life easily.

what do you know about towel? Introduction of towels

Every day, towels are an intimate contact with us. As every family’s necessary daily necessities, we have not received any attention from us. In fact, as long as we choose the right towel, our quality of life can be easily improved.

However, there are many bad towels used in daily life.

More than one person

When a family member uses a single towel, cross-infection can easily occur because everyone does not have the same health status and living habits.

More than one towel

Although some families have special towels, some people wash their faces, wash their hair, bathe, wash their feet, wipe their sweat, and wipe their hands.

Not broken, repeated use

After the expiration date, the towels will become hard and dirty and become a new source of pollution.

Not paying attention to the hygiene of towels

Many consumers do not wash their clothes, do not cook hard, do not work hard. And long-term wet towels hanging in the non-ventilated bathroom, but do not know bacteria and viruses in the wet towel for a long time to live, and the rapid reproduction of a geometric number.

Ignore the harm of inferior products

Many low-cost towels are produced from waste, old, fake raw materials, and inferior dyes. The labels of these counterfeit towel products are marked with 100% cotton and are actually doped with a considerable proportion of chemical fibers. This type of low quality ordinary chemical fiber is lower in price than cotton yarn, but it is not airtight and has poor moisture absorption and easy to lift hair balls. Washing your face with it will irritate the skin. It will be used to wipe items such as homes, but it will not clean, and there will be water on the surface of objects. Residual stains. What is more serious is that some production enterprises also use some banned dyes. These dyes contain aniline carcinogens.

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What is the standard for a good towel?

How to buy and maintain towels?

Three Standards for Good Towels

Cotton material is the truth

The first good towel must be made of cotton. The cotton guarantees the durability of the towel and a good experience.

Material plus weight directly determines the thickness of the towel, and choosing a towel that fits your needs is a very important point.

Soft and fluffy is comfortable

Towels are items that come into direct contact with the skin. Softness is a necessity.

The quality of the towel feels soft and is a fluffy and elastic touch.

Good water absorption

Chinese people are accustomed to wringing towels and then wringing and rubbing, and are used to scrubbing in water. Therefore, poor towel absorbency will shorten the service life of towels; foreigners are accustomed to using towels to absorb water and wipe dry, emphasizing water absorption. Different habits are related to water absorption.
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