How to buy a good towel?

How to buy a good towel?

Take a look at whether the fabric is cotton

The cotton guarantees that a towel can have good water absorption and breathability, so the cotton material is the factor considered first when selecting.

Feel good texture

Just keep in mind that GSM (grams per square meter) is the key to measuring the straightness of a towel, that is, the weight per square meter, the texture of cotton, 200 grams is considered to be thick, and if you can achieve 300GSM-400GSM is More upscale towels.

Take a look at the colors and smell the smell

The color of the towel is not too fresh and bright, no fluorescent agent is added.

Good towels are odorless, and poor towels have a pungent taste.

Think about your own needs

Towels, facial wipes, dry hair towels, kitchen towels, hand wipes, towels, etc., are categorized according to their actual preferences and needs.